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Family pleads for the return of belongings taken from young daughter's grave

A family is sharing their heartache in the hope of finding lost items taken from the gravesite of their young daughter.

Mathew and Theresa Morrison's daughter Bridget was stillborn in 2017, and since then, they have found comfort in leaving sentimental items at her grave inside a decorated box.

But upon their last visit to St. Mary's cemetery, the items were gone from Bridget's grave.

"It brings us back to just how personal us losing our daughter is and just how hard that is, There's been a lot of tears," said Theresa Morrison. "We would read the books with our daughters and it just became something that we did every time we went to the cemetery."

The cemetery said it would not have touched the box, which it knew well, but it did have an incident in July where people had trespassed after hours and disturbed the grounds leaving beer cans in their wake. Theresa said she already had a hard time leaving her daughter there around strangers.

Since Bridget's death, Theresa also lost her mother Candice. The two are buried side by side. Bridget's box became Candice's as well and her husband placed the letters he wrote her in it before her passing.

"I'd say outside of Matt and I, my mom was probably the closest with Bridget," Theresa added. "She was hit the hardest by her loss, to have the two of them there and to have their things go missing it's a lot."

The couple is pleading for someone to return any or all of the items, no questions asked.

"Yea we just want it back because it's sentimental," the couple added. "It means a lot to us and it really helps us connect with Bridget and cotton candy grandma and now grandpa when we're visiting the cemetery."

The Morrison's added that they haven't reported the incident to police and hope that shame doesn't stop an individual from bringing the box forward anonymously.

Any information regarding the box can also be sent to their email. Top Stories

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