After a number of drinking and driving charges this summer involving E-bikes, police want drivers to learn more about the rules.

Electrically assisted bicycles or E-bikes need no gas, no driver’s license, and no insurance. They travel a 32 kilometres an hour and go more than 50 kilometres on a single charge. Even though E-bikes appear to be free-wheeling, there are some rules for operating them. Drives must wear a helmet and be at least 16 years of age.

Dave Lognon has been selling E-bikes for eight years and says the bikes must be equipped with pedals. If they aren't, they're considered a motor vehicle on the road.

“The MTO has changed their ruling on the pedals," he says. "You can't keep them under the seats, you have to keep them on the bike now.”

OPP Const. Martin Hachey says drivers who have had their license suspended for criminal code violations are also prohibited from driving an E-bike. He says as soon as the electric motor is doing the work, the law applies.

“We have some instances where E-bike riders have been charged with impaired over 80 under the criminal code, not just here but at other detachments around the province. We are hoping that people understand that they still have some responsibility involved in operating an E-bike. Remember, you are on a public road.”

All of the rules that govern E-bikes out on the road can be complicated. For all of the details click here.