BARRIE, ONT. -- It's a big day for Sahil Soni. 

"I'm going for my G2 driver's licence," the 22-year-old Barrie man said.

Soni is lucky as many others have had the brakes put on their drive test.

"My test has been cancelled twice now, kept cancelling and getting rebooked," said Ethan Kennedy-Munsterman.

"I had one student cancelled on four times," said driving instructor Sonja Belisle, who claims many instructors are now working 16-hour shifts just to keep up with demand.

Al Zurawski, Regional Trainer with Young Drivers of Canada, said people should prepare for a lengthy wait as DriveTest centres across the province chip away at a massive backlog.

"This is the biggest backup I have ever seen in 30 years," Zurawski said.

The ministry said appointments would be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis going forward.

"You're not going to get a G2 road test probably until early December now, end of November, early December," said Zurawski.

DriveTest centres were closed for nearly three months during the pandemic, and many reopened at the end of June with a gradual, phased approach.