With the warmer conditions here, a fire department in Muskoka is reminding people not to go on the ice after animals.

The warning comes after a number of people have considered venturing out on the ice to save either a domestic or wild animal.

While some fire departments will consider animal rescues, many will not. Huntsville Fire won’t mostly because it doesn’t have an airboat but mainly because it just too dangerous.

“There’s a huge concern for our rescuer, unfortunately these things happen and we’re not equipped to do rescues for animals,” says Huntsville Deputy Fire Chief Gary Monahan.

Monahan says they have had three separate calls from people asking them to save animals on thin ice in less than a week. He does not want people trying to go out on their own to help.

“The concern is that they are risking their life, they could break through the thin ice and they have now become a victim.”

The Huntsville Fire Department wants people to know not to call them to rescue an animal, domesticated or wild, that is on the ice.