Rebuilding the local manufacturing sector often means looking to the global stage for success.

Weber Manufacturing in Midland started using its own molds to manufacture fibreglass doors back in 2013. Its patented mold making technology is one part of its success.

“We do a lot of work for Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, the Aston Martin. These are just some of the companies we have made tools for over the past few years,” says Chris Edwards, a company spokesperson.

The other part is the company’s diversification.

“Sometimes in other countries they have that low labour factor, but they don't have the technology to take a quality product to market.”

The ongoing success is creating jobs for skilled trades people, as well as job training opportunities. 

“That's why it's worth the drive over to Midland. Upon getting this job here and doing the co-op and these opportunities, it’s really shown me you can really see the potential careers in this industry for young people,” says Eric Mueller, a Collingwood resident.

There is another company enjoying success. Industrial Filter Manufacturing in Penetanguishene makes specialized filters for industrial liquids. Investments in technology have paid off.

“That allowed us to add automation and integrate processes that made us competitive on a global scale and now we are selling in over thirty countries around world,” says president Dan Williams.

Over the past year, the number of people working here has grown from 26 to 40 people. They’re still looking to fill extra positions.  

Weber Manufacturing is also looking for more people that are skilled machinists or anybody with mechanical aptitude who is keen to learn a new trade.