Crossing guards armed with a notepad and pen are on a mission to break the bad driving habits of some motorists.

Paul Barber has been helping children cross the busy intersection at Victoria and Church streets in Alliston for five years.

He says some motorists are taking too many chances, especially in school zones. "Drivers aren't paying attention. They're rushing the lights and making the turn when I'm trying to cross with the kids. They just aren't paying attention."

A new law came into effect a year ago to help protect crossing guards and pedestrians. Police say the warning period is over. "Vehicles have to stay stopped until everybody, including the crossing guards, are safely off the roadway," explains OPP Constable Shawn Evans.

Barber says righthand turns are the most problematic. "I probably have to jump out of the way twice a week."

Police say that with the help of crossing guards, they will cut down on dangerous drivers. "We want them just to jot down a plate number that they can remember," says Constable Harry Lawrenson. "Then give that to us, and we will look after it from there."

The fine for disobeying a crossing guard's stop sign is $180, which doubles to $360 in school zones, plus four demerit points.

"Please slow down," Barber urges drivers. "These are kids. They're carefree, not careless."

- With files from CTV's Rob Cooper