A handful of protesters gathered outside the city council building in Wasaga Beach on Thursday where inside talks about the new casino were underway.  

The location of the new casino wasn't on the agenda, but that didn’t stop residents from voicing their opinion.

“We’re very concerned that if the casino is located out at Highway 26, it will benefit Collingwood, it will benefit Clearview and Stayner, and very little benefit will come to the town, other than to increase the tax base,” said Wasaga Beach Association’s Patrice McCammon.

A previous council offered five possible locations for the casino, but protesters today want Gateway to choose a site at the former Waterworld property.

Inside, OLG officials spoke about their charitable efforts, and the money the community can expect from having a casino in their community.

“The money that’s generated by the casinos, they get a share of that, and OLG is the one that will come back and give them the big cheque,” explained OLG spokesperson, Tony Bitonti.

Gateway Casinos, the company that will run the casino, spoke about new, modern facilities.

“We’re not old school,” said Rob Mitchell.  “We’re not the slots in the box.  We’re not that cinder block, closed in, no natural light.”

Mitchell says you can expect windows, and several restaurants, including one for families with no age limit.

Council seemed pleased with the information gathered from today’s meeting.

But the burning question of where the casino will be located is still on the minds of many.  

Gateway officials say they should have news within a month or two.