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Clearview Township launches new emergency alert system


Residents in Clearview Township will soon be able to receive emergency alerts with the launch of a new notification system.

"In times of crisis, it is important that residents have access to trusted, timely and accurate information to ensure their safety and that of their family and loved ones," a release from the Township stated on Friday.

All of Clearview Township will have access to emergency information through a Canadian-based communication system, Voyent Alert, by downloading the app, via text or email.

The alert system will be used for any type of emergency, including floods, fires, and extreme weather.

"We identified the need to keep residents and visitors informed of emergencies within the Township, and Voyent Alert provides a simple and effective platform to do so," said Clearview Fire Chief Scott Davison.

Learn more about the emergency notification system and how to register here. Top Stories

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