A judge has dismissed charges against a MacTier man in an accidental shooting inside a sporting goods store in Severn Township.

Peter Arnold of MacTier, had been charged with carless use of a firearm, handling a loaded firearm causing bodily harm, and transporting a loaded firearm.

The incident happened in September 2011 when Arnold and a 26-year-old man were in the Ellwood Epps sporting goods store on Highway 11.

The court heard Arnold brought the rifle to the store to have it repaired. The riffle discharged while it was on a counter inside the store. The 26 year old was shot in the stomach and suffered critical injuries, from which he recovered. A store employee suffered minor injuries when the bullet grazed his arm.

On Wednesday, a judge dismissed all of the chargesafter reviewing the evidence heard at the trial.

"Mr. Arnold has shown due diligence in the handling, storage and transportation of the Midland rifle. He has not acted carelessly or with criminal negligence or disregard for public safety,”  Justice W.G. Beatty said when reading his decision to the court. ”The charges are dismissed."

The incident was captured on the store surveillance system. The sporting stores owner says he is stunned by the outcome.

“As much as I understand there was no intent and it was a terrible accident, at the same time accidents come with responsibility,” said Wesley Winkel. “If society doesn't hold those people responsible for dangerous acts what message does it send for the future.”

Arnold told CTV News he has been hunting with a bow since the incident and plans to use his riffle again, but will take some time before he does that.