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Barrie's Iranian community demonstrates in support of protesters in Iran

Dozens gathered in solidarity at Barrie’s waterfront Saturday, protesting the recent death of 22-year-old Iranian Mahsa Amini.

“This girl for just not fully complying with the dress code, she was beaten up and finally she died in the custody of the police,” said Nasrin Zamani, Barrie resident.

Amini’s death created outrage in Iran, causing the government to shut down the internet. 56 people have been killed in the protest so far.

Members of the Iranian community in Barrie are scared for their loved ones.

Zamani believes Iranian citizens should have control over their bodies.

“If they want to cover their hair that’s their choice, if they don’t want to cover their hair that’s their choice, it should be that way,” Zamini said.

Members of the Iranian community are glad to see the support from around the world, but said they need action.

“We just want a little bit of pressure on the Canadian government to stop dealing in any ways with the Iranian government,” said one member who wished to remain Anonymous.

“We want Canada to support us in having free access to the internet for the Iranian people so that it’s not only controlled by government-controlled providers,” said Zamini.

The Iranian community of Barrie said it would continue to raise awareness about the unfolding crisis and hoped to have another peaceful protest soon. Top Stories

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