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Barrie residents allege group of kids is 'terrorizing' their neighbourhood

Jennifer Bolzicco is one of several residents in a Barrie neighbourhood calling on the police to hold a group of youths and the parents accountable.

"They are terrorizing our neighbourhood. They are bullying my son. Our house has been egged."

Bolzicco claims the group of roughly 15 kids, mostly teens and younger, have harassed, threatened, and assaulted members of her family.

"They've [police] pressed charges on one of the young kids that assaulted my son but the other ones they won't press charges because they're youths, and they just want to give them a chance. They have no priors," Bolzicco said.

Others in the neighbourhood, who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, said they witnessed the threats and acts of vandalism.

"Kids are banging on the door. They're harassing a lot of neighbours. This has been going on since May," one resident said.

"It was disturbing, especially late at night. I didn't know what was going on. These children should be at home, being monitored by their families," another added.

While many in the city's south -end community said they'd had enough, Barrie police could not address the specific allegations against the young people.

In a statement, the police service noted, "Public safety is our priority, and we stand committed to our community." Top Stories

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