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Admissions still on hold at Collingwood's Sunset Manor more than one year later

When hospitals across the province are trying to free up space and find accommodations for seniors at long-term care homes, Sunset Manor in Collingwood hasn't been able to accept new residents for more than a year.

The county-run long-term care home has been closed to new residents for 15 months after the home, and its operators violated eight ministry orders for non-compliance.

"(We get) 75 to 100 calls every week from people in the community inquiring if they could admit their loved ones. Unfortunately, at this time, we're unable to," said Jane Sinclair, general manager of Simcoe County's health and emergency services.

"Obtaining, qualified, retaining attracting staff has been a significant issue for all of us in long-term care."

At this point, the county says it is still determining what more it can do to have the ban removed.

"We think this has gone on long enough, and it's time to reopen the beds. We've made significant progress over the last year and a half. There were eight compliance orders. We're down to two. We've added staff, we have changed our procedures, we've upgraded resources," said George Cornell, Simcoe County Warden.

Sunset Manor has 102 residents and room for another 48, but the Ministry of Long-Term Care says those beds will remain unused until the orders are lifted.

The two remaining violations include failure to meet provincial skin and wound care and medication management requirements.

The county has been fined $11,000 along with legal fees for an appeal rejected by a judge last week.

Since 2020, the home has seen its waitlist nearly double to 373.

"They need to get the beds opened up, and I think this is a far better nursing home than many others, and I looked at a lot. I waited three years to get a bed here for my brother," said Susan Barry, a sister of one of the residents.

Collingwood's Mayor Keith Hull says he's frustrated and is calling on the area's five MPPs for help.

"To speak directly to the premier, to advocate that this facility reopen and the 48 beds are made available to the residents and, again by extension, to their families," said Hull.

In a statement, press secretary for the Ministry of Long-Term Care Jake Roseman says, "While the home has made progress addressing the issues that prompted the initial cease of admissions order, the current orders at Sunset Manor will remain in place until the ministry is satisfied the home has met compliance and demonstrates the ability to continue to do so going forward. The period of time required for a home to return to compliance varies and is dependent on a number of factors."

Sinclair says Sunset Manor is doing everything possible to comply with the ministry's orders fully. She says they're hoping to welcome new residents into the building by the end of the year. Top Stories

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