BARRIE, ONT. -- High demand and low production have stopped many outdoor enthusiasts in their tracks this season.

More people have taken to outdoor activities since the pandemic, but now, equipment for those activities is running on empty.

"We normally carry between 1,200 and 1,500 bikes this time of year. We're probably sitting on about 65 or 68 bikes right now," said The Bike Zone's John Schweier.

Add to that, anyone hoping to get bike repairs done is looking at a minimum three to four-week wait at most places because of a parts shortage.

"A lot of bikes are being repaired because people can't get new bikes. Our repair times are up," Schweier said. "Normally, it's about five days."

RV dealerships report a surge in rentals, with many planning camping trips. "A lot of dealerships ramp up in the year after school ends, mid-May, we generally hit April, but we started in February," said GM Camp Mart's Melissa Stitt.

Steve St. Onge, with St. Onge Recreation in Barrie, has seen the ups and downs of the business for years, but he said it's never been quite like this.

"We ran out of sea-doos last year in June, which I thought was pretty early. We ran out of sea-doos this year in January, which is unheard of," he said.

St. Onge said the wait for all-terrain vehicles was around a five-month wait.