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Wasaga Beach redevelopment plans back at square one as developer collaborates with residents

Plans for the future of Wasaga Beach are being formulated as collaborative ideas were drafted during a public meeting Tuesday where residents and business owners shared their visions for Beach Area One, the town's most tourist-friendly location.

"This is an important step, which we believe will catalyze further reinvestment in Wasaga Beach and help all of our community grow and reinvent themselves," said the Town's CAO, Andrew McNeil.

In August, councillors confirmed that FRAM Building Group would be awarded the project to redevelop the town's commercial area.

In turn, the developer sought opinions from those who live and work in the waterfront community.

"We brought it all the way back to almost square one, starting with the document that the Town prepared in 2017 and getting input on what should be on Beach One," said Frank Ginnone, FRAM Building Group president.

Jennie Elmslie was one of a dozen business owners at the public meeting, calling it a unique opportunity.

"The fact the town is engaging with the public to come out and be a part of this is amazing. Why wouldn't you want to be a part of it? It's a part of our future," she said.

"They are forward-thinking and asking the residents questions, 'What is missing?' and 'What can we add to the community to make it better?" said Wasaga Beach property owner Lisa Carboni.

The developer plans to take input from the public meeting to the drawing board, where it will begin drafting plans for the potential future project, hoping to release more information in the coming months. Top Stories

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