Wednesday marks nine days since the town of Bracebridge declared a state of emergency.

It's been nine straight days of gruelling sandbagging and exhausting efforts to protect homes and businesses.

Nine days since Fowler Construction put its day to day business on pause to help manage sandbag operations.

“We’re basically supplying equipment and organizing volunteers, and some manpower to ensure that the town and residents are getting what they need,” Matt Balfe, Fowler Construction said.

The construction company has supplied forty-thousand sandbags this year, and it isn’t the only business pitching in during the emergency.

Since 200 members of the military arrived, nearly every meal has been provided by local businesses wanting to help.

“We’ve got a nice hearty meal of steak and potatoes and vegetables,” said restaurant owner, David Friesen.

The staff at Bracebridge’s River Walk Restaurant is cooking up 140 meals for the troops tonight and will prepare 240 breakfasts for the morning.

“This is the community I live in, and the military is here to help us out,” Friesen said.

“It’s what community is all about,” said Chef Alison Young.

Also helping to fill sandbags are low-risk inmates from nearby Beaver Creek Institution.

The community rallying together has motivated military personnel working 12 hours a day.

“Seeing that you make a difference in the community uplifts you and makes you feel nice on the inside, so it’s a pleasure to be here today,” Pte. Daman Dadhwal said.