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Unique dispensary is the cat's meow in Midland


A unique dispensary in Midland has become the cat's meow since opening last fall, with the owner saying some people still have a tough time wrapping their heads around the unconventional concept.

"A lot of customers can't believe this is real," said Catnip Dispensary owner Mikey White.

While approximately 250 strains exist, White has delved into experimenting with just over 30 and has nine currently available to customers and their feline friends that have undergone testing.

"I have an army of tester cats out there that help me determine what type of strain is which because this has never been done before. If a cat needs to go on a long car ride, vet visits, or just needs to chill out after surgery, there are more mellow strains that help out with that," he explained.

Recent expansion efforts led White to rent land while cultivating new catnip strains. Through the process, he said he gained valuable insights.Catnip Dispensary in Midland, Ont. (CTV News/Molly Frommer)"I learned that curing is one of the best ways by far," White elaborated. "I hang dry it for at least a month and a half, and then cure them in glass jars for another month and a half so that it preserves it, and it keeps all of the essential oils intact. It makes it more potent, more fresh," he said.

Given the discerning nature of cats, the dispensary offers an array of creatively named strains, such as 'Pawnapple Express' and 'Purrmafrost.'

White said curious customers could even bring their feline companions into the store for a sniff around to determine their preference. Top Stories

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