An Environmental Review Tribunal has revoked the approval previously granted by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for a wind turbine project in Clearview Township.

The project proposed by wpd Canada included eight wind turbines located near the Collingwood Regional Airport. The 16.4 megawatt project would have produced enough electricity to power 2,200 homes.

In the ruling the tribunal revoked the approval on the basis that no effective mitigation was proposed to protect human health and safety.

“I need to hear from our lawyers who will review it and give me a list of options and we'll take it from there,” said Ian MacRae with wpd Canada President.

It’s a decision many local politicians and residents were hoping for.

“The decision by the ERT to revoke the approval will be very beneficial for both the Collingwood Regional Airport and the proposed Clearview Aviation Business Park” explained Clearview Mayor Christopher Vanderkruys. “It has been a long fight, but we have managed to preserve our landscape and ensure viable operation for both the airport and proposed development which will create valuable economic impact for Clearview Township as well as the County of Simcoe.”

The Town of Collingwood spent more than half a million dollars fighting the project.

“The Town of Collingwood has long expressed concern with the proposed turbines, particularly over the safety of aircrafts utilizing our Regional Airport, and we’re pleased to see that the Environmental Review Tribunal has agreed that this is a serious harm to human health.”

Officials with wpd Canada are currently reviewing the decision and have 30 days to file an appeal.

The full text of the decision will be available on the Environment & Land Tribunals website.