Barrie’s well-known Spirit Catcher monument along the waterfront skyline will soon be getting a companion in the city’s south end.

A 34-foot high “spirit clock” is under construction right now in a local metal shop, being designed by the same artist who designed the original Spirit Catcher.

“It’s kind of a steam punk version of the spirit catcher,” says artist Rob Baird. “It’s going to be lots of fun – it’s animated and it moves and it’s a clock.”

The Spirit Clock is made out of steel and stainless steel.

“It’s 34-feet tall and 28-feet across from tip to tip and when completed, the clock will weigh about 5800 pounds,” says Andrew O’Conor-Fenton with Stainless Outfitters.

The working clock will have other moving pieces as well.

“It will only move on the hour and for twenty seconds – it’s brief kind of “hoochey-coochey” dance it does for 20 seconds every hour,” added Baird.

There are other pieces to the project but the main one “The Spirit Clock” honours Barrie’s railroad history.

The monument has been commissioned by Pratt Homes, to be the cornerstone of a new neighbourhood development near the corner of Yonge Street and Madelaine Drive. That means the City of Barrie is paying nothing for it.

“It’s something that inspires us and we hope inspires others in the community and the development,” said Karen Hansen with Pratt Homes. “I am a Barrie person, we live in Barrie and we’re excited as everyone else.”

The Spirit Clock should be on site by April with the grand opening planned for May 3rd. Creator Rob Baird says he hasn’t revealed everything about the project and says there’s a rumour that the clock could make a special sound – he promises people will be surprised.

“I hope they’re giggling when they walk away from this – this piece of fun.”