COLLINGWOOD, ONT. -- High water levels, strong winds and waves have been causing flooding and erosion around Georgian Bay.

Crews were placing the last few boulders and putting the finishing touches on repairs at Sunset Point in Collingwood on Thursday.

More than 1,200 tonnes of boulders were used to reinforce the shoreline.

"It was a safety risk," says Collingwood Mayor Brian Saunderson.

"The water had undermined the trail system that goes along there, and Collingwood is famous for its trails. We are now working hard with our engineers and contractors to get the trail rehabilitated as well."

The bay's water levels are 20 centimetres higher than this time last year, surpassing the historical record for May by 12 centimetres.

The Army Corps of Engineers predicts the water will rise another five centimetres over the next month.

Wasaga Beach has its own battle with the bay.

A new retaining wall along Beach Drive is nearly finished.

The concrete wall is a temporary measure to hold back sand and maintain an accessible path to the commercial area.

Beach Drive suffered repeated flooding over the past year and is now buried under the sand.

"It's about two feet high, and it makes a nice walkway for everyone to bridge a barrier between the sand and the stores," explains Jeff Nielsen, Foodhaus.

The town is spending about 100-thousand-dollars on reusable materials in the wall.

Collingwood has budgeted 300-thousand-dollars to restore Sunset Point.

Both projects will wrap up in the next few days.

Sunset Point is expected to reopen to local residents next week.