BARRIE, ONT. -- "I know up in Wasaga Beach it was absolutely packed," Ontario Premier Doug Ford said on Friday of the overcrowding concerns at the popular tourist destination.

Still, rather than closing the beach altogether, the premier responded to the issues in Wasaga Beach by asking people to use common sense, adding, "We aren't going to be closing any Ontario provincial beaches right now."

Ford said the province would rely on the advice of health officials.

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But, Wasaga Beach Mayor Nina Bifolchi hoped the province would take more drastic action after Canada Day saw a mob of people on the beach, forcing town officials to hold an emergency meeting to crack down on the problem.

"We will be limiting the parking in that area. We'll cut it back 50 per cent for now. It may be greater down the road," said Mayor Nina Bifolchi.

The sand-covered portion of Beach Drive will be closed July 9 from 3rd Street to Spruce Street to reduce the crowds from forming.

Mayor Bifolchi said the town would request more assistance from the province to reinforce physical distancing health regulations.

"Hopefully, the province will be looking over their areas in town," she added.

However, the premier said people should judge the situation for themselves when they arrive at the beach. "I wouldn't go to a jam-packed beach," Ford said.