Businesses in Muskoka can expect a bump in tourism this summer, thanks in part to an expansion by Porter Airlines.

The company announced on Monday that flights between Toronto and Gravenhurst would take to the sky on Thursday afternoons and Monday mornings throughout the summer.

Cottage-goers looking to beat the traffic along the 401, 400 and all the way north will be able to enjoy the 20 flights taking off every weekend over the summer.

The planes will carry approximately 75 passengers with roundtrip tickets selling online on average for $115.

Officials hope the three-year deal between Porter Airlines and Muskoka Airport will help attract out-of-country travellers to the airport.

“It’s big to have commercial air service come into this region because we’re attracting Americans to travel to the region,” said James Murphy, Explorers Edge. “When Americans or international travellers come they tend to spend more and stay longer. So it’s a higher yield for a small business.”

The airline will take off with the new service starting on June 27 and ending Sept. 3.