A multi-million dollar fence is being constructed along Highway 400 south of Seguin Township to prevent collisions between wildlife and vehicles.

The fence stretches 9.5 kilometers from Healey Lake Road near MacTier to just north of Muskoka Road 12 in Georgian Bay Township.

The $3.2M fence is meant to stop wildlife from crossing the highway.

“We’ve had about 34 reported collisions within the last 5 years,” said Andrew Healy with the Ministry of Transportation. “It's a significant amount and it can account for one in every three collisions on this stretch of highway.”

Along with the fence, there are new culverts and safe passages along the way for moose, deer and bear to pass from one side of the highway to the other. There is also a smaller reptile barrier at the bottom of the same fence which is designed to save the many snakes and turtles killed on this road every year. 

The fence is part of work to resurface that portion of the highway.

The MTO will responsible for the maintenance of the fence which is expected to be completed in November.

-With a report from CTV Barrie's KC Colby.