SHALLOW LAKE, ONT. -- "We are moving to Belleisle Creek in New Brunswick, so it's just like the Shallow Lake of Sussex," says Mary Rose Ricard.

The Ricards are doing what a lot of people are doing these days - moving.

The family sold their hobby farm west of Owen Sound and are preparing to move east with their two children and a menagerie of farm animals.

Mathew, a Canadian veteran, and his wife, Mary Rose, purchased another farm and plan to move everything, including their animals, but they've run into a problem - the province of New Brunswick has an emergency order in place that requires anyone crossing the border to quarantine in a hotel.

Mathew says that's just not possible with a trailer full of farm animals. He says government officials in New Brunswick, the Red Cross and the RCMP have been unable to offer any advice.

"Nobody can tell us anything about it other than we have to quarantine," says Mathew. "They have no idea where any of these animals will end up."

The Ricards say the animals aren't just a part of the farm - they are family.

Veterans Affairs purchased a draft horse as a therapy horse after Mathew was injured by an IED blast in Afghanistan.

"These animals are a big part of my life. I went from never leaving the house to going out and having activities," he says.

It will take two trips with a trailer to move the animals, providing they can cross provincial boundaries. The Ricards hope to quarantine on their new property.

While they may have no idea what to expect along their travels east, the Ricards have no choice but to pack up and leave because real estate transactions close on Monday.

Mathew says they will hope for the best once they reach New Brunswick.