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It's baby season at the Procyon Wildlife Centre


As the spring season arrives, Procyon Wildlife Centre reminds people to slow down, observe their surroundings, and be mindful of new wildlife.

The rush of young, orphaned or injured animals marks the start of another busy year at the Rehabilitation Centre.

The animal centre in Beeton is a non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases orphaned and injured animals into their natural habitats.

The charity deals with hundreds of animals weekly, from baby squirrels and bunny rabbits to one-winged crows, foxes recovering from mange, and possums and raccoons.

Debra Spilar with the Procyon Wildlife Centre, which has welcomed a raccoon family to the centre, explains that mother raccoons have unique predatory responses to humans handling them and their young ones.

"It's not quiet now, and they're hearing a predator's voice, so she's not going to like that. Secondly, if you put a light in there, a flashlight or a lamp, and leave it on 24/7, now you're removing the second element, which is the darkness, and that's not an ideal place to raise babies; she's going to take her babies, next door neighbour," said Spilar.

The facility has a center for treating sick and injured animals, nurseries for raising infants until they are old enough to be released, and outdoor enclosures where animals can transition back into their natural habitat.

During baby season, wildlife requires frequent feeding. Procyon is always looking for volunteers to train to help with their wildlife campers. Top Stories

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