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Ice fishing season ends on Lake Simcoe with ice hut removal deadline at midnight

March 15 is known in the fishing business as 'moving day,' with ice hut removal happening across the lake, with a midnight deadline.

"Any of the permitted huts that are out here - they have to be off today. They have until the end of the day to do that," said Donny Crowder, Hot Box Ice Huts in Innisfil.

Ice hut operators and ice anglers have been busy removing huts from the lake for the past few days, with the decent weather conditions making the task a little easier than usual.

The ice fishing season started later than typical due to mild temperatures, with some ice hut operators kept off the lake for stretches of time.

Despite this, many operators consider this season an average one.

Chad Paiero of Lucky Sons and Lake Simcoe Outfitters said they chose to keep their larger huts and bungalows off the ice this year.

"Because of ice thickness and obviously that mid-season rain that we don’t see a lot, but that’s what happens," he noted.

While permanent huts have to be off the ice Wednesday, catching certain fish is still possible. Whitefish and trout will be closing for the season, but perch and pike can still be fished until the end of the month.

Portable fish huts made of cloth or synthetic fabric are permitted, but hut operators remind everyone to be cautious.

Ice hut operators encourage those planning to head out onto the lake to check conditions and always bring safety gear. Top Stories


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