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Huntsville council votes to remove Russian flag from G8 park

Barrie -

Huntsville council has voted unanimously to remove the Russian flag from its G8 Flag Park at Monday night's council meeting.

Last week, the motion was made in support of Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military to invade.

Regarding the flag's removal, Huntsville Mayor Karin Terziano says it doesn't mean they're trying to erase history.

"I don't think flag park is the history. I think the G8 being here and the eight countries being were the history, and I don't think that if we take that flag down, we should replace it with another flag because the history piece is the eight countries that were here," says Terziano.

"So, I'm fine to take the flag down to show respect and compassion for the Ukrainians that live here in our community and who have families still back in Ukraine that are experiencing this," she concluded.

The flag is expected to be removed Tuesday at 8 a.m. and won't be replaced until the council rescinds the motion. Top Stories


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