The sweltering late September weather is putting some farmers in a difficult position.

Ken Beattie is normally harvesting potatoes at his farm near Alliston, but his machinery remains idle for the time being.

“Never experienced this kind of unprecedented heat we have had in the month of September,” he says. “Totally something new for me.”

The record breaking heat wave has warmed the soil. The potatoes themselves are actually 10 degrees warmer than they should be. If harvested now, the crop would spoil in storage.

Farmers can only wait for cooler weather and hope there isn't too much rain to put them further behind schedule

“It only makes things more difficult more tricky, but we will see what happens. It’s one of those things just one day at time.”

At the other end of Simcoe County, the hot, dry weather is welcome. Sunshine and 30 C is perfect for combining canola.

The heat will also help make up for a cool wet summer. Corn and bean crops can still benefit from the hot weather.

“Without so much heat this summer, the crops are behind and we really need this heat to help finish them up,” says farmer James Cubitt.

Farmers say drivers should expect to see large, slow moving farm machinery on area roads in the coming days.