BARRIE -- Beatties Distillers in Alliston has been in business producing potato vodka for four years, building its reputation.

"World's best potato vodka comes here from Alliston," says Ken Beatties.

Given the current situation around the world and right here at home, the factory has made the switch from vodka to sanitizer.

Beatties says the need was too great to ignore. "We're hoping to produce in the area of one-thousand 32-ounce bottles per day here, and hopefully more than that."

The staff began production on Wednesday and is prepared to increase its hours if necessary.

In Collingwood, Heretic Spirits is also pitching in to help with the current need and demand. While it will continue to make vodka and gin, starting today, it is adding hand sanitizers to the production line.

"We're producing a hand sanitizer because we are one of the few places in the area that's able to get a high concentration of alcohol," explains Jeremy Hall, Heretic Spirits. "We're part of a community, and we want to be part of the community and service the community in any way that we possibly can."

Both companies say they plan to produce hand sanitizer until the need is no longer there.