Flooding isn't the only problem facing resident and property owners in Muskoka Lakes.

The last of the ice on Lake Joseph is damaging properties. On Monday, some thick ice sheets capable of inflicting damage to buildings could be found on the water.

"There’s not that much ice left on the lakes, but what is out there, if the water comes up its coming back over the docks and it's going to start damaging things with that wind,” says Rob Overholt.

This is the kind of damage that has insurance companies busy this week. They're hearing from customers worried about the combination of high water, wind and ice.

“It's that combination that I think is going to be wicked in terms of some of the property damage we may see with docks and boathouses,” says insurance manager Iris Ellis.

Dealing with the loss of property is tough and there could be another tough lesson for some customers. Although every insurance policy is different, not every policy covers ice damage.

“If it's a situation where Mother Nature starts moving ice flows on a windy day, that kind of ice shove damage isn't generally looked after on a homeowner policy.”

Property owners unsure if they qualify for ice damage should check with their insurance company.