History was made in Essa Township on Wednesday, as the first-ever female mayor in the town's history, was sworn in.

Sandie MacDonald has represented the township for almost sixteen years; two terms as a councillor, and for the last eight years as Deputy Mayor.
“I am overwhelmed and blessed with all of the support that I’ve had from Essa residents and from my family. I am so excited,” she said following the inauguration.
“I used to think, ‘what will I ever be able to bring that would be different?’, and it's not in the leadership, because we had great leadership, but I think it's just that, that female side.”

She, along with three councillors and a deputy mayor, was sworn in before a packed house at the Living Faith Community Presbyterian Church in Baxter.

Former mayor Terry Dowdall was among the many in the crowd. He recently stepped down to run as the Conservative candidate for Simcoe-Grey in the next federal election.
“Everyone's making a great deal that she's a female. That's great, it's wonderful, we need that. But the real incredible part is she deserves the job. She is the candidate. That came through.

She worked hard, and cares about the people,” he said after the meeting was adjourned.

The next official council meeting is on December 19th.

Between now and then, Mayor MacDonald will be attending a number of community events and meeting with people in the community.