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County launches trailers to aid stranded motorists in harsh winter conditions


With winter approaching, Dufferin County is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of residents during severe weather conditions with new emergency support trailers.

The eight trailers will be stationed in each municipality across the County and be equipped with supplies for 50 people, including cots, food, blankets, pillows, and first aid kits, aiming to provide immediate assistance in the event of tornadoes, road closures, or residential fires, when external aid might not be readily available.

"Weather conditions can change very rapidly in this area, and we have three major highways that all converge together right here in Shelburne," explained Shelburne Fire Chief Ralph Snyder.

"There are plenty of organizations that we can call upon to assist during an emergency, but they are overwhelmed themselves," noted Dufferin County 911 and Preparedness Manager Steve Murphy.

The trailers are the first of their kind at a regional level, and the County's warden believes they are necessary due to several previous weather incidents and emergencies.

"The most recent of which was the winter storm last Christmas Eve. I think we ended up with 40-plus stranded motorists here in the Town of Shelburne alone," said Dufferin County Warden Wade Mills.

The system will allow emergency services, like the fire department, to focus its resources elsewhere.

"Each town and township within Dufferin County is going to have a core group of local volunteers who will be trained in the deployment of these trailers," Wade added.

Anyone residing near designated shelter sites who wishes to contribute as a volunteer during emergencies is encouraged to contact the Dufferin County Emergency Management Team. Top Stories

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