Dozens of people attended a public meeting in Bradford West Gwillimbury on Monday evening to learn why the town is considering seeking a separate city status from Simcoe County.

The meeting comes after the province launched a review to make regional governments more efficient.

The town’s CAO, Geoff McKnight, outlined how the town’s taxpayers’ contributions to the county have increased in comparison to what other municipalities pay because of the town’s rapid growth.

The population in Bradford is 38,000 and is expected to grow to 50,000 by 2031.

The goal is to ensure taxpayers get the best services for what they are paying.

The report suggests the town could save money on other administrative and planning services that the county provides, an approximate value of $5.6 million, and essentially reduce the duplication in services.

“If Bradford thinks they can just leave the County and take all of the County assets with them, that this is not going to cost a dime, they are misleading the public,” said former mayor Doug White.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Mayor, Rob Keffer said more information would be available, and ultimately the decision of a separate city status will be up to the province.

"That's what we're asking the provincial advisors, to help us move forward with the County, to give us an idea of what that number would be, and what would be involved," Keffer said.

If council adopts the recommendations at a meeting Tuesday evening, it will then work with the province and County on a more in-depth financial review.