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Bradford, Ont. homicide victim's family says 'he died like he lived,' helping others

A 20-year-old Bradford, Ont., man charged with second-degree murder appeared virtually in court Wednesday, more than one week since police say he took the life of a Good Samaritan who stepped in to help a young woman in distress.

South Simcoe Police said Cameron David Goddard, 59, of Bradford, suffered a fatal injury on Sept. 4 while intervening in a violent altercation between a female and the accused on Holland Street near Deer Run Crescent.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman was treated and released from the hospital.

Police have not revealed details surrounding the violent altercation or how the victim died.

Goddard's brother-in-law said he and his wife were shocked to hear of his sudden death.


Donald Ayres said Goddard and his sister were very close, and they had talked with him the day he died.

"We had a wonderful conversation with him. We talked to him on a regular basis," Ayres said, admitting he wasn't surprised that his brother-in-law got involved in the altercation.

"He would not stand by and let something like that happen. Of course, he would be the person who would come to the aid of anyone that needed help," he said, adding Goddard was the type of person to "drop everything and come and give you a hand."

"He died like he lived," Ayres said. "He was always wanting to help somebody. He was always the first one to step in and lend a hand."

The accused, Brandon Aaron of Bradford, later surrendered to the police.

Along with second-degree murder, Aaron faces charges of assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, uttering threats, and failing to comply with a judicial release order.

His next court appearance is scheduled for next month.

Meanwhile, Ayres and his family are preparing to lay Goddard to rest next to his father.

"He's going to be missed," he concluded. Top Stories

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