He's been an anchor, a news director, and of course everyone's favourite weatherman.

Bob McIntyre's been in the broadcast business for nearly 50 years. And on Friday evening, Bob received a lifetime achievement award from the Radio and Television Digital News Association of Canada.

Bob started out in radio in the late ’60s, but in 1972 he moved to Barrie, where he's been ever since - first in news and, since 1983, delivering the forecast.

Bob has been there through the tough times, and the good times, and even after more than four decades in the business he says there is still a first time for everything.

“I've been in this business since 1966 and the honest-to-gosh truth I walked into the garden last night and I forgot to put on my mic,” Bob says. “Never done that before.”

While Bob has connected with viewers for decades, this video shown at Friday's awards gala allowed colleagues from across the country to connect with Bob as well, introducing them to a man many consider their friend - even if they've only met him through a TV screen.