Efforts are underway to preserve a piece of history at CFB Borden, as a rare tank from the Second World War gets a facelift.

"It's unfortunately deteriorated to a condition that if we don't do something now we're going to lose her, and being that it's so rare it's important that we preserve it,” says Steve Faccial from the restoration team.

The German Flakpanzer tank was assembled in Austria, and was used in the Second World War. It was brought to Base Borden in 1945 by famous Canadian author Farley Mowat. 

"It's a slow process of basically tearing apart what we have to. Freeing it back up again. Restoring it. Repairing it, and putting it all back together again," says Neil Harris, also from the restoration team.

The battle tested tank is one of the last of its kind.

“Only two have survived the war. This is one of them,” says Guy Despatie, another person on the restoration team. “The other one is in Germany, in much better shape.”

"A neat part about it from a German technology point a view,” says Faccial, “ as the radio operator turned his head, the gun went with it."

There are a few different theories behind the vehicle. One is that it was captured by American troops.

The hope is to have the tank be a part of Base Borden’s museum.