BARRIE, ONT. -- Corrine Davis-Ryan is left picking up the pieces after someone broke into her home in the north end of Barrie on Thursday afternoon.

"The whole place was ransacked," the personal support worker (PSW) describes.

Davis-Ryan was coming home after a long shift when she noticed her door was ajar.

"I feel violated," she says.

Davis-Ryan says whoever did it emptied the drawers in her bedroom, taking with them jewelry, purses, and money.

But even more valuable to Davis-Ryan, the culprit took a safe containing her citizenship card, passport and Jamaican birth certificate.

"The money is not important; what's important is my card because getting back your citizenship is a long process," she says.

Davis-Ryan says the documents are not only valuable to her but sentimental as well.

She says she moved from Jamaica to Toronto with her family for a better life when she was seven years old - a life of opportunity and security.

"Back then, you were so young and had so many chances that you didn't have back home," the PSW says. "Having my citizenship is an anchor for me."

Barrie police are investigating the break-in. They say these types of break-and-enters are becoming rarer with the stay-at-home order.

Still, that didn't stop someone from invading Davis-Ryan's home.

She says ordering new documents is costly and is begging the person(s) who took them to return them..

"I'm pleading in the name of God, please give the papers back. Drop them somewhere," she implores.

In the meantime, Davis-Ryan is contacting the Jamaican embassy to begin the process of getting a new birth certificate in the hopes that once the borders reopen, she can reunite with her family in Jamaica and the U.S.