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Barrie man at the centre of violent arrest sentenced for unrelated charges


Skyler Kent sat in a Barrie courtroom on Friday, his gaze fixed straight ahead, as the 22-year-old pleaded guilty to seven charges, the most recent of which was in July 2022.

Among the charges were three assault offences related to choking, biting, and closing a door on an ex-girlfriend, whom he accused of being unfaithful.

The Crown presented video evidence of some of the incidents to the judge.

Kent also pleaded guilty to violating a court order to cease contact with his ex-girlfriend and to uttering death threats to several girls and a former Barrie police officer.

He was handed an all-encompassing global sentence of one year in prison, with enhanced credit for time served in custody due to the harsh jail conditions, meaning he only had to serve four more days.

Additionally, he was given two years probation and a five-year weapon prohibition upon his release.

The harsh conditions Kent experienced in custody included lockdowns due to understaffed prisons during the pandemic, triple bunking in a cell, and being cellmates with his father, who had substance abuse and mental health issues.

As part of his sentence, he is not allowed to have any contact or communication with any of the victims or their families.


In 2021, Kent was publicly and violently arrested by Barrie police officer Jason Stamp, who has since resigned from the service.

Kent was accused of skateboarding through a red light and causing a disturbance.

Following the arrest that was caught on cell phone video and shared on social media, an OPP investigation was launched, and Stamp was charged with assault and assault with a weapon for his use of a taser during the incident. Civil action is still in process in the matter.

In July 2022, Kent posted an expletive-laden Facebook video in which he threatened to kill Jason Stamp and others.

The Crown stated that Stamp was made aware of the video and believed there was a genuine threat to his safety.

The defence argued that Kent's mental health issues, including anxiety and multiple personality disorders, were tied to a troubled and abusive upbringing that had resulted in a history of self-harm since the age of 14. He apologized to the court, acknowledging that mental health was not an excuse for his actions.

The Crown requested an 18-month sentence and three years probation, but the defence's sentencing recommendation was ultimately accepted by the judge, who cited Kent's youth and mental struggles as mitigating factors. However, the judge also noted that Kent's actions were concerning and dangerous. The judge also gave strong consideration to the victim impact statements. Top Stories

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