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Barrie golf prodigy Paige Sefton making waves on the course at just 14

At just 14, Paige Sefton is taking the golf world by storm, leaving an indelible mark on the greens and fairways.

The young prodigy from Barrie recently clinched the Women's Club Championships at Tangle Creek Golf Course by 18 shots, navigating through some of the most challenging course conditions of the year.

After securing back-to-back victories in her age group on the Simcoe County Junior Golf Tour, Paige decided to elevate her game by competing above her age group. Her decision helped her claim third place in the under-19 division within the region.

Paige is set to test her skills on a bigger stage as she heads to Pennsylvania for the National Drive Chip and Putt Tournament regional qualifier. If the young teen wins, her next stop on her journey will be in Georgia at Augusta National Golf Club, where she would participate in the championships.

"That would be next year in April, a week before The Masters Tournament," she said.


Paige's journey into golf started when her parents enrolled her in golf camp when she was just six years old.

"We were just trying to give Paige an opportunity, just to see what she enjoyed," said her dad, Scott Sefton.

During these formative years, Paige discovered her innate affinity for the sport.

"I think she just found that her very quiet, calm demeanour was just a very good fit for golf," Sefton added.

Behind Paige's remarkable success stands the steady guidance of her coach, Terry O'Brien. Their partnership began when Paige was eight, and O'Brien has witnessed Paige's dedication and work ethic firsthand.

"She's an extremely hard worker. My job is just to give her the information, and then she just goes, and she works her butt off. So, her getting to this next level isn't surprising at all," O'Brien said.

Paige says the game has instilled in her a resilience that extends beyond the greens.

"No matter if you have a bad shot, a bad hole, just forget about it and move on to the next one. Just don't get too frustrated," she said.

With high school graduation still a few years away, the young teen has set her sights on the future, aiming to play golf for a college in the United States and, ultimately, to fulfill her dream of competing on the LPGA Tour. Top Stories


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