Barrie Councillors are on the fence about a proposed barrier between the David Busby Centre and its neighbours.

A petition garnered more than 60 signatures from residents asking the centre to build a fence to separate the centre's clients from their backyards.

Last week councillors voted in favour of the fence, but at Monday night's meeting, they took a step back.

"The David Busby themselves has sent a letter to say they have some concerns," said Barry Ward, deputy mayor. "They say it may not solve the problem. In fact, it may make it worse because it'll push the problems onto the street, closer to the homes."

A committee has been formed that consists of residents in the area and the David Busby Centre to look into what the best solution for everyone would be.

"We didn't want to pass a fence motion when that may not be what the committee wants," Ward said.

"We're not against setting up some type of privacy," explained Sara Peddle, executive director with the centre. She said they aren't confident a fence is the best option.

Council voted to have the committee come up with a solution that would be presented for approval - if city land is involved.