Desperate for change, one Barrie homeowner launched a petition to create a divide in the city's downtown core.

Neil Little has lived on McDonald Street for more than 30 years and says that because his house is located diagonally across from the David Busby Centre, he feels like a prisoner in his own home. "We are threatened on a daily basis," Little says. "Our lives have been disrupted. We can't use our backyards, our decks, our verandas, because of the loud barrage of vile, brutal, vulgar language that's consistent, and we feel like we're living in fear constantly."

Little is petitioning for an eight-foot high, 100-foot long fence to separate those that use the Busby Centre from its neighbours, and he's garnered more than 60 signatures in support. He says he and his neighbours will even foot the bill for the fence because the centre is a non-profit organization and would have to raise funds to cover the cost.

Sara Peddle, executive director at the David Busby Centre, says she's aware of the concerns and is working with the centre's landlord and its partners at CMHA to address the issue.

"We're trying to figure out what suits best because there's not a ton of space," she says. "How do we work within the space to create privacy, but also space for people to be able to use our space here outside."

Little will take the matter to city hall at Tuesday evening's committee meeting hoping for the green light. "We're looking for the 'yes, go ahead, submit your application,' and we'll take it from there."