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Autoslalom show roars in Sadlon Arena parking lot


Nearly a hundred car enthusiasts took their vehicles for competitive joy rides at the Twin Lakes Motor Club Car Autoslalom Show just outside the Sadlon Arena in Barrie.

"I describe them as downhill skiing but with cars," said Arris Gaffoor, the event's director. "We've had events where cars get up to 100 kilometres per hour."

A course was laid out using pylons, and drivers were timed on how quickly they made it through the course. Drivers competed one at a time, reducing the risk of coming into contact with one another.

The competition was open to all vehicles if they met specific safety standards. Those on the course included Mazda MX-5 Miatas, modified Subarus, Honda Civics, Porsches and Chevrolet Corvettes.

"A lot of people today don't really know the limits of their car," added Gaffoor. "A lot of cars today have traction control and stability control. In this environment you can turns those off and really learn the limits of your vehicle, which really help out when something unexpected happens."

With the impending construction of a YMCA next to Sadlon Arena, the next competition in Barrie could be forced to operate at an alternate location for the first time in 25 years. Top Stories

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