Provincial Police say they're investigating the suspicious death of a woman at a home in Orillia.

Police were called to a property near the intersection of Davey Drive and Cedar Island Road in East Orillia late Friday morning.

Neighbours say they woke up to the heavy police presence outside of the home, and describe the area as being rental properties.

“I got up to find a policeman at my door asking if they could have my SD card out of my camera,” said neighbour Cathy Howell, “they wanted to know if there was some recording on there that could be of use to them.”

She adds she didn’t hear anything overnight, but says, “my other neighbour next door to me says she thought she heard a girl scream when she was up tending to her baby.”

Police say a woman who was found at the scene was rushed to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

She has been identified as 45-year-old Tracey Reid from Orillia.

The landlord of the building, Michael Preston, tells CTV News he was notified that the victim is one of his former female tenants.

“I don’t know why this had to happen,” said Preston, “it’s awful.”

He says she was evicted several months ago, and was not supposed to be on the property saying, “frustrating as she was, nobody deserved that. It's terrible. You know what I mean? “

He adds that he is cooperating with police.

Forensic investigators remained on scene all day searching for evidence. Several detectives and the Forensic Identification Unit were also at the scene.

Police say a post mortem will be conducted in Toronto at a later date.

- With files from The Canadian Press