“It’s really unbelievable. I’ve been coming up here for years.” Premier Ford tours Port Sydney on Wednesday afternoon and says the area is trending toward 2013 flood levels.

The premier says they plan to head door to door and evacuate if necessary to make sure people are safe.

While dozens of people wade through cold waters desperately sandbagging sections of downtown Huntsville and surrounding areas trying to build up a wall from flooding waters, Ford says the province will provide relief.

“We told both mayors of Huntsville and Bracebridge, once they evaluate everything, now and even after, we’re there for them. We’re going to support them in any way we can, and support the people of both these towns.”

Town officials in Huntsville are saying there is no relief in sight over the next few days with high water levels rising as large amounts of spring runoff pass through.

Residents living in flood areas are told to monitor water conditions, which can change rapidly.

Huntsville is reminding people they should be ready to go in a moment’s notice if required. For now, it's a waiting game to see how fast the snow melts.

The Ministry of Natural Resources will continue to monitor the conditions.

For a list of road closures in the Huntsville area check the town's website.