BARRIE, ONT. -- An offensive show of racism captured on a cell phone is sparking outrage online after it was posted to social media.

The video, shot in Wasaga Beach, Ont., is making its way around the community and now the province.

In the video, a woman yells at and threatens what appears to be a group of men, claiming they parked on her property.

Wasaga Beach racism

Parking in rural waterfront communities has been hotly contested and fiercely debated throughout the summer.

"They just got their car spat on, and a milkshake dumped on it," the woman continues. "I got corona, so I really don't give a [explicit]. Get their kids all sick."

The woman continually condones her actions throughout the video by simply saying they are on her property.

At one point, she goes into a cluttered home and grabs what she says is relish from the fridge and heads back out to dump it on the car's rear window.

Wasaga Beach racism

The man standing by the car doesn't seem to react. He appears calm as he continues to watch her during the 13-minute rant before the tow truck arrives, and the video ends.

The video has received hundreds of comments condemning the interaction.

"Can't finish watching this, it just makes my blood boil," wrote one woman.

"Classless and horrible. The fact that she feels that she is justified in calling the police shows systemic racism at its best. Her words make me sick to my stomach," wrote another.

"I have no words! Totally disgusting and she does not represent the people of our community," reads another comment on the post.

Wasaga Beach Mayor Nina Bifolchi reacted to the video, saying she was disgusted by the behaviour and language used.

"This is not reflective of Wasaga Beach. This type of hateful and racist language has no place here or anywhere else. To the individuals subjected to this incident, I offer a sincere apology on behalf of our community," the mayor adds.

OPP Sgt. Jason Folz says it is an open police investigation, and an OPP investigator has been assigned to the case.

"This video is terrible, and nobody should be treated that way," Sgt. Folz says the OPP would investigate whether the woman's actions constitute a hate crime. He says the case could boil down to mischief.

CTV News has reached out to the woman in the video for comment but has not heard back.

CTV News reached out to the woman in the video for comment but has not heard back. However, her mother did comment, saying her daughter knows what she did was wrong and adds she is urging her to issue a public apology. “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” she added.

Update: Wasaga Beach woman issues public apology for rant posted to social media