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Several inflatable decorations destroyed by vandals in Barrie's east end


Multiple residents in Barrie's east end had their holiday decorations targeted and destroyed overnight.

Surveillance camera footage from several homes caught an individual stabbing inflatable decorations on their properties in the Queen Street area around 10 p.m. Thursday, then fleeing off to rejoin a group walking down the street.

Katie Garraway said five of her decorations were stabbed in the incident and are all beyond repair.

"To me, that was rage; it wasn't vandalism, it was disgusting, absolutely disgusting," she told CTV News Friday.

Garraway said she is disheartened that her decorations were destroyed but is mostly frightened by the knife.

"It's the scariest thing, absolutely, and these aren't men, they're kids, where are their parents," she added. "I come out for a smoke bunch of times at night; if I confronted him, what would happen."

Barrie police have launched an investigation into Garraway's case and her neighbours.

While mischief is a lesser charge, police spokesperson Peter Leon said the fact that they were carrying a weapon is a serious crime.

"What starts off as being something very small in comparison could become very large in the end," he said. "By the careless action of these youth last night, an entire neighbourhood is going to be without the beauty of somebody's efforts."

Leon said there are some preventative measures that people can take, such as putting decorations on a timer to deflate overnight or keeping lights on.

However, he added that the act of destroying decorations falls solely on the shoulders of the perpetrators.

Investigators ask anyone with information or more footage into the incident to contact them immediately. Top Stories

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