Sandbags are everywhere as the water rises in Minden Hills and with more rain in the forecast, residents are bracing for the worst.

The town declared a state of emergency on Wednesday after several road closures due to severe flooding.

Dozens of volunteers offer their time to help at the sandbagger at the curling club on Thursday, while others deliver the bags to homes in desperate need.

Rising waters surround several homes, and Mayor Brent Devolin says people need to be fully prepared.

“This change in potential weather certainly means we absolutely will reach 2017 levels, and we are moving to 2013 levels,” he said.

Many homes and businesses already have sandbags in place with no water yet in sight, but many people have been through this before and aren’t taking any chances.

The mayor says an evacuation order hasn’t been issued at this point, but encourages residents to listen for any warnings to leave.