Queen’s Park is back in session on Tuesday, and the Ford government is trying to push through some controversial changes.

Among those changes is the recent decision to alter the autism program.  Parents of children with autism and advocates were furious following the announcement by Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod earlier this month that the costly behavioural therapies for children with autism would be distributed equally to eliminate the backlog of long waitlists.  

Under the new program children diagnosed with autism under the age of six would receive a maximum of $140,000 for treatment up until the age of 18.  Kids older than six will receive up to $55,000.

Today, MacLeod answered the official opposition’s request for her resignation.

 “I’m not resigning.  I’m incredibly proud of this plan,” MacLeod said.  “This is a plan that the government has put forward, it is data-driven, it is evidence-based, and it is the most fair and equitable approach that we can take to get 23,000 children languishing on an endless waitlist to get them the services that they so desperately need.”

Families and advocates say the amounts will not be nearly enough to cover proper levels of therapy.

Several rallies have been held across the province since the announcement with another protest planned for March 7 at Queen’s Park.

- With files from The Canadian Press