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‘I couldn't shake him off,’ Barrie, Ont. woman mauled by off-leash dog on front lawn


Warning: Some readers may find the details of this article disturbing.

A Barrie, Ont. woman says she was viciously mauled by a dog in her front yard, leaving her bloodied and injured, and now she wants the owner to come forward and take responsibility.

Cory Fram says she was outside her Cunningham Drive home Thursday afternoon when she says an off-leash dog ran past her down the road.

"I heard a man yelling. I didn't hear what he was yelling, he was so far up there, but I could hear the feet running at a hundred miles an hour," she says.

The 40-year-old mother of two says she assumed the owner wanted her to get the dog's attention to help stop it, so she called out to it.

"I said, 'puppy,' and I sort of tapped my leg. And I turned around, and I saw the guy up the street, and I said, 'Is this your dog?' And as I was yelling up the road, the dog jumped and latched onto my arm."

She says she tried to shake the dog off and run back to her house, but the animal locked onto her arm.

"I was swatting at it, trying to get it away, and the owner was standing at the edge of the property line, and I came up to go to the house, and he bit right in my backside, and he took a chunk of skin out of my backside," an emotional Fram recalls.

Fram's home ring camera captured video of her desperate screams as she tried to get free of the dog.

"I couldn't shake him off because he was on my back. The dog latched onto my hand and onto my fingers. The owner grabbed the dog and was pulling the dog and shredded my finger coming off. There's still blood all over my porch," she says through tears.

"You instantly think that it's just going to take your arm or your hand off," she describes. "It's like when the dog holds onto a tree branch, and it's doing the jerking. It's horrible. It's horrible."

Once the owner got a hold of the dog, Fram ran into her house for safety.

Fram's husband Kyle says they can understand the owner didn't mean for this to happen but adds it's unacceptable that he left and didn't return.

"He left and didn't come back," Fram's husband, Kyle, says. "He could have come back and left a note saying, 'Here's my number. This is terrible, call me. Let's get this worked out.' It could have been handled so much differently, but he ran, and he is hiding."

"I want the owner to come forward," Fram says. "I want there to be accountability for the dog in the area."

She was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and treated for injuries to her backside, arm and hand. Despite her wounds, she says she's thankful the dog didn't run into a nearby schoolyard.

"I want the school to be safe. The kids are supposed to be doing a Terry Fox Run today. If the dog ran in the other direction, it would have been in that field, and there are so many children."

Ferndale Woods Elementary School officials confirmed to CTV News it held its Terry Fox Run on school property Friday "out of an abundance of caution."

Fram and her husband contacted animal control and the police. Bylaw officers are working to identify the owner and dog.

"This isn't just a small bite," Fram says. "This is a full-on attack, and from the video, you can see it's not just a bite. It was a mauling. This is so dangerous." Top Stories

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