BARRIE -- Hundreds of members of the Canadian Armed Forces from across the province are on the move to Base Borden.

On Sunday, the Department of National Defence (DND) advised the public that they will see a larger number of military vehicles and personnel on the roads between the GTA and Base Borden.

Members from the Joint Task Force Central (JTFC) will form a centrally located task force at the base to be at the ready to respond.

Lt. Nadine Abour Jaili, with the Department of National Defence, says the move is part of the government's approach in the fight against COVID-19.

"The movement is so our soldiers are healthy and ready so that when they are called upon, they will be there," says Lt. Abour Jaili.

She says part of the military's function is to provide domestic support when needed, such as with the pandemic.

"The troops that will be deployed are there to give a hand to the civilian authorities to fight COVID-19," says Lt. Abour Jaili. "The military has always been there to respond to requests for assistance and help. This is no different from any other time."

The DND says this task force is ready to support the Public Health Agency of Canada in the fight against COVID and other local crises, including flooding.