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Green Party leader makes campaign-style stop in Parry Sound, Elmvale


Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner made campaign-style stops in Parry Sound and Elmvale on Tuesday.

Schreiner met with residents to highlight the Green party's Affordability Action Plan.

With inflation causing soaring prices from housing to gas, affordability is top-of-mind for many voters.

"The election gimmicks and handouts the other parties are offering will not solve the systemic affordability challenges the people of Parry Sound–Muskoka are facing," Schreiner stated.

The plan also outlines increased transit options, including cutting fares in half for an initial three months, getting the Northlander passenger rail back on the tracks, and offering rebates on electric cars and e-bikes.

During his stop in Elmvale, Schreiner advocated for protecting the area's pure groundwater.

"Some of the cleanest water in the world is right here in Tiny Township, and the Ford government's sprawl agenda, which is leading to more applications for gravel mining pits, is contributing to threats to our water and to our climate crisis.

What the Ontario Greens are saying is water is life. We have to protect it, and that's why we're calling for a moratorium on new gravel mining applications and applications that expand gravel mining pits," the party leader said Tuesday.

The Green party's plan includes building 160,000 affordable housing spaces while working with the private sector to increase supply.

It also addresses skyrocketing food prices, focusing on permanently protecting farmland from urban sprawl and implementing a Grocery Code of Conduct to protect farmers, local food producers, and consumers.

The provincial election is scheduled for June. Top Stories


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